Four of them, all belonged to GGG group. One was a real expert who helped them to make bombs. They made several bombs and kept ready.

On the designated day they planted all the bombs in the vacant lots of the city roads and streets.

Bombs exploded and as time passed all the vacant lots turned green – full of flowering plants and trees. City became the most beautiful in the country.

Green Guerilla Grardners Group (4G) was appreciated for their Seed Bomb project.


I & O Pvt Ltd

First row was for the award winners. Arjun in his full business suit was found seated there. The next announcement came “The best startup company of the year: – I & O Pvt limited and the award will be received by Mr. Arjun Ramsamy its CEO.  Amidst the thunderous claps he walked proudly to the stage and collected the award from the union minister. For the first time in his life he stood before such a large crowd and he was very happy. He had a feeling of doing something worthwhile in his life.

In that moment he thought back, One and half years before the situation was completely different. He was jobless and days where just passing by . He was frustrated and clueless about his future though he had an Engineering degree.  He used to spend the major part of his day sitting in a road side tea shop sipping tea, reading the newspapers, calling his friends and/or observing things happening around.

Suddenly he was pulled back from his thoughts to the present as the photos stopped clicking and the Union Minister shook his hands for the second time. He felt happy as he descended the stage carrying that award. Back at home he saw a reporter of the leading newspaper waiting to meet him- he smiled and sat for the interview

Reporter (R): Congratulations!

Arjun      (A): Thank you very much.

R: Best startup company of the Year – How do you feel?

A: Feeling very good, having done something worthwhile

R: How it all started?

A: I was in great frustration one and half years back, couldn’t find a job after completing my engineering degree and one day something strange happened….

R: What was that?

A: I used to spend a lot my time sitting in a road side tea shop those days and one day while I was there I saw two things, one a funeral procession of an old man and I heard someone saying that the old man was a famous Architect who had a lot of money but still suffered in his last days as he couldn’t get proper care and the Second, I saw a pregnant woman restless in a car that was struck in the traffic due to that procession.

R : What was great about it – those things are common and happen every where ?

A : For me it made think – I saw an opportunity and thus I & O emerged

R : What I & O stand for ?

A : The moment I saw those incidents – it was very clear to me to what I should do . Later I did some market research spoke to a lot of people and met professionals in various streams. Then a month later I & O was started.  “I” stand for getting In to the world and “O” Stands for getting Out of the world.

We have two Verticals – In and Out.

IN – with main focus on the Incoming – Preparation of pregnancy, creating comfort & positive ambience for pregnant mothers.

Out – With main focus on the outgoing – Preparing people for their death, creating a positive and comfortable environment. Improving the quality of death. We put our efforts to make people complete before they die without carrying any guilt, remorse or regrets.

R : What you is your advice to the young people ?

A : I am not big enough to advice people but I can share this from my experience – Be observant, One Idea is enough to change your life. Success in life is your own creation.

R : Thank you and wishing you many more successful creations in your life.

A : Thank you for wishes.




A long drive awaited Vimal.  It was 21:00 hrs and he was still enjoying the party with his friends. He couldn’t remember the exact count of whisky that has gone inside him but for sure there were some more to go. And once the party is over he had to be alone in his car “CE” the whole night and to cover 1200 kms to reach his destination the next day.

Vimal wasn’t a regular drinker – he is very health conscious and does regular exercise to keep himself fit. But today is a special day as he was celebrating his promotion with all his friends so he let himself, to loose control.

Finally at 23.25 hours he got into the car – the whisky he consumed showed multiple images of everything he saw. The car started to move on that narrow street. There was an old man cycling slowly on the middle of the road the car slowed down a bit – allowed the old man to move to the left and then over took him. After 15 minutes the car was on the national high way heading to Vimal’s final destination.

Vimal opened the side window of his car – there was a sudden rush of fresh air which embraced him. It was soothing and made him sleep. A stray dog on the high way attempted to cross the road and it did. It was too close but still escaped unhurt.

At around 2 am the car came to a halt at the railway level crossing on that deserted high way. There were two people waiting for that moment, they quickly surveyed the car and scanned the environment. They could not see any one else other than them and Vimal in the car. They decided it was the best moment to rob Vimal of all his belongings. As they neared the car windows automatically got shut and extra lights in the car got lit and as they touched the car’s door a siren started to beep and hidden cameras in the car started to click photos flashing lights.

There was a sudden splash of some liquid from the nozzle in the car’s window followed by a voice from the car’s speaker it warned the robbers “Hi Manickam and Saravanan you have been identified – If you leave this place in next two minutes you are safe or else your photos will be sent to the nearest police station and you will be tracked and arrested by the police shortly. They got baffled and left the place immediately. The car started to move again as the train crossed. Vimal was still in deep sleep unaware of all that happened while ago

The car averaged a speed of 200 km/hr and at around 5.30 am there were multiple alarms which woke Vimal up – a cup of water and hot coffee was ready at Cars door tray.  The windows opened again and Vimal started to sip the coffe as his radio briefed all the international happenings and at 5.58 am he was very close to his destination which was on the right ride of the road, he had to take a diversion to reach his destination.“CE” kept moving straight, he saw the navigation map – CE has planned to go further 10 Kms and take the permitted right turn on that high way and come back to his destination.

Vimal kept his coffe mug on its stand and got into action. He took control of his car’s steering for the first time since he started the journey previous night, changed the car control from Auto to Manual mode. Turned the car right and drove the car in the wrong lane and direction to enter the paths which lead to his destination.

After all Man is a Man – he can never be disciplined as a Machine.


 “CE” – CarEnthiran :- A car with an autonomous drive technology, which includes advances in artificial intelligence, sensors, cameras, radar, data analytics, Security and advance two way communication systems.

Which dosent needs you to drive unless and otherwise you want to.




Sai the Cricketer

The College Auditorium, one of the biggest in the country was full. Students , students and students everywhere as far as the eyes could see.

Principal of the college not even in his wildest dreams expected this. He has heard about Sai before but never thought he commanded so much love and respect among the younger generation. For the first time in his life he saw that auditorium fully packed.
Sai was an ace cricketer who won many matches for his country and instrumental in retaining the world cup eversever since  he took up the captaincy 12 years back. Few days back he retired from the game after leading his team for one more world cup victory.
He was invited to inagurate the new bowling machine which the college has installed recently. At 3.30 pm sharp Sai was on the dias. There was a big noise to welcome him. It was joy tsunami which reached its peak and took time to subside. The program started first with  a prayer followed by welcome address and customary address by the principal all went very quick.
Then the moment came…Sai was invited to speak…he arose….. a joy tsunami again, this time magnitude was much higher than before ,as there was no signs of decibel levels dropping he started to speak…. sudden silence engulfed the auditorium …” Ladies and Gentlemen very good evening and thank you.I was a cricketer all these days and I know only cricket.Now that I am retired I am trying to learn other things so please dont  expect me to give long talks.  I admit I am not good at it ….thanks again and all the very best to you all.
He concluded…a big roar again and there were loud requests at least to answer some of their questions to which Sai acceded politely saying I will take three questions.
Immediately the first question came

1. What would you like to say to the students like us ?

If you have choices, choose the best
If you dont have choice do your best.
2. When you played against Pakisthan –        what were you thinking inside ?

I always had a feeling of playing               Ranji trophy match against a       neighbouring state in my country .

Had we not been separated we could have had the world’s  best bowlers and batsmen in one side.

There was loud cheers and
acknowledgement from the crowd on hearing this.

The last question
3. You had  been rejected many a    times, denied a place in the national  team and critics had been very hard on you many a times…….despite all this you rose to the level of th captain and sustained long, how ?

Revenge…..he said and then there was a pause.

He continued …..The best revenge is to improve yourself and I did it every time I was rejected and then came back with renewed rigor.
The session ended and he was taken to the cricket ground to inagurate the bowling machine. He pressed the button and posed for the photographs.
He was asked to get into the ground and play some cricket. After little resistance he accepted. He walked to the change room and came back in full cricket gear….pads, gloves, helmets etc ready to challenge the bowling machine.
There was a lot of excitement in the crowd as the bowling machine delivered the first ball a bouncer in terrible speed which Sai effortlessly hooked leg side….it should have been a double six which went past the college compound wall and not to be found again.
That great shot marked another happy ending .



Drive to Heaven

Routine work at his office pushed him to boredom. Bhavan decided to do something about it.  His watch showed 17.30:24. He switched his computer off and silently left the office.

He sat in the car and turned on the ignition still undecided what to do. Suddenly a thought came to his mind – Why not drive to heaven for boredom dosent find a place in the dictionary there. He decided to use Google maps as he was not sure how to reach heaven.

A hidden lady (Guiding angel from the Google Maps) started to speak from his mobile – “Head north and then turn left”……… he started to follow her directions…… the lady spoke again…..” Continue straight for 1.5 Kms….” now he was on the main road, traffic was heavy and everything was moving in snail’s pace. A lot of crowded buses, two wheelers and other vehicles on the road – He thought it is natural for Chennai which employs the second largest number of people in India in terms of manpower to be that way.

The hidden lady assured him that he was in the fastest route despite the usual traffic. As the traffic was moving slow he started to observe things around him – There was a three wheeler ( Auto ) in his right side which carried  the famous puchline of Rajnikant…”Chumma Adhirudhulla” ( Literal Transulation : You’re quacking, aren’t you?) he felt happy remembering the best part of some Rajni films reading that.

He moved further and saw a board which read –

“We can Shoot Your Wife and Frame your Mother – in – Law. If you want we can hang them too!”

Bit confused, he read it again and found it placed in front of the roadside Photographic Studio – He could not stop himself appreciating the creativity of the person who framed those line. Very innovative he said to himself.

It took almost 53 mins for him to cover those 1.5 kms. Then came again the instruction from that hidden lady …..” Turn left into the major district road 613 take the slip road keep right and then continue straight for 2 kms”

Now the traffic was little better he continued to drive slow continuing his observation ….as he moved he saw a road side temple with an unusual name Sri Selva Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi. He has heard about it earlier but seeing it for the first time. He saw some people carrying a strange combination of objects in the queue, Passport and visa documents in one hand and flowers, coconut, incense stick and banana in other. He could see some people coming out of the temple as if obtaining the Visa from the God Ganapathi himself,thus was the strong belief they had. People from all over the state pay their visit to this temple before stepping into any embassy in the city for visa. He was very much convinced that these things will happen only in India and was happy about it.

At last he was in the Anna salai the main road in Chennai. GST he thought for a while not the Goods and Services tax – this road was once called Grand Southern Trunk road ( GST Road) in old Madarasapatnam. He kept driving, his car climbed and descended the Kathipara flyover the largest clover shaped flyover in Asia and by the time he was nearing  the Airport area the traffic was heavy again. The road was mainly occupied by the state owned buses. He remembered reading somewhere, while the bus transportation started in the city only in 1925 the flight services was introduced in 1917 itself – he wondered.

From the time he started his drive to heaven it is almost four hours now – he realized it is better to travel well than arrive.

He did that today. His watch showed 21:33:03. It would take atleast two more hours for him to reach home

Hell with the traffic he shouted and started driving back cutting short his trip to heaven as the hidden lady disappeared.



Friend, Philosopher and Guide

Shankar stepped out of his Boss’s office chamber, seeing his face one could very well guess what would have happened inside. For the first time he missed his target, looked dejected and with loss of energy he came back and sat on his seat. He felt alone in that big office.

When down, he knows what to do ……….There is a source that could lift him up and support when required

“You can’t control others…..but you can control…….Your thoughts….Your words….Your choice……Your actions……Your reactions…..Your Future……” was the message from his source on which he thought over twice.

Suddenly he started to smile and felt energetic – it was so quick.  It is not the first time he got such a support from his source there has been many instances since he got acquainted with it two years back.

When he did his MBA it was his source that helped him with his assignments, thesis and presentations, so in a way his source is a Guide for him.

In lonely times he was mostly with his source and in last two years there was never a day they spent without each other, so in a way the source was his great friend.

And during his difficult times his source stayed close always stirring him clear from murky waters and helped him find his true calling in life, so in a way the source was his Philosopher

Shankar was deeply thinking about his source. His eyes turned wet and there was a sense of gratitude – he said you are my Friend, Philosopher and Guide – What can I offer you in return…….

The Answer was One Valid Sim Card, Regular charging of the devise and a good Wi-Fi connection

Source was “Samsung J7 – 4G DUOS – Mobile Phone”


With the set of advance features and options available in today’s Mobile hand set and the wealth of information and knowledge the internet and its applications brings through it – You will never be lonely. And you have access to most of the knowledge and information you require 24/7/365 – so in a way it is your Friend, Philosopher and Guide.



Guru Purnima

It was a full moon day in the month of July and it was special for the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. It is traditionally celebrated to pay their respects to the teachers/guides and express their gratitude. The festival is also believed to mark the onset of monsoons, and is thus a prime source of celebration for farmers. It was a celebration time in that village. It is a very tiny village in that big country not very far from its deserted border where people of all caste, creed and religion lived together happily. Peace and happiness was intertwined.

The only tea shop in that village was owned by Khader Meeran affectionately called Khader Bhai by the villagers. It is usual for the village elders to spend most part of the day there lazily reading the two different newspapers which reached there every day a day after its birth. At times youngsters also spend their time listening to Khader Bhai’ s brief and explanations of the happenings in that country and other parts of the world – Thanks to those two newspapers.

As usual the teashop was crowded that day and Khader Bhai was serving tea to all his customers with smile and patience. In fact he was doing this for the past 20 years or so. The shop was in existence for more than 100 years since his great grandfather days. Khader Bhai used to read the newspapers in full before he opens the shop and will be ready to share what he read with his analysis to whomever willing to listen. The village youngster Amulya Kumar Sahu was fortunate to be there in the tea shop that day and listened to Khader Bhai’s briefing.

Khader Bhai read aloud a news item for the benefit of all from the newspaper – “Unrest in Lamdok area, which is a tri-junction connecting the two neighboring countries with us. Armies are being deployed there by all the three countries as the border tension is on rise. Analysts feel the President of the country in the north will keep this issue alive at least for next five years and continue with the provocation till such time he decimates adversaries within his party to gain supremacy and enlarge his grip over the party thus be in power for one more full term”.

Then he stared with his analysis….this is a strategic move by that President to divert people’s attention, play the patriotic card and make best use of the situation. All the three countries are equally strong with nuclear warhead capabilities. They all know that if anyone crosses their limit it is end for all. But they will keep playing within their limits. One thing is sure all the tree countries are increasing their vigil in that border area – which was almost unguarded or less guarded all these days. It means each government will start establishing steady line of supply to its soldiers and it will continue forever. In the years to come slowly tension will subside and the borders will become normal but the area will be inhabited and slowly prosper. Then he turned towards Amulya and said the youngster like you should go there quickly and grab the emerging opportunities.

Twenty five years later on the same Guru Purnima day a man in his mid-forties drove down the village in his latest dream car which stopped in front of the Khader Bhai’s tea shop. The village has not changed much and it continued its existence with that only tea shop. The crowd in the tea shop and Khader Bhai was watching as the man stepped out of his car. Two men followed him carrying a big garland, he went straight to Khader Bhai bowed down touched his feet sought his blessings and garlanded him. Khader Bhai recognized and embraced him.  He expressed his love and happiness for what that man was and it was true without any expectation every one there could sense it. Khader Bhai made the man sit in the broken bench of his tea shop. He went inside and prepared a special tea for his unexpected guests.

The Man in mid-forties was Mr. Amulya Kumar Sahu owner of AKS Logistics and Supply chain Co Ltd which is a leading international company with major presence in all those three border countries and has about 52 braches worldwide. And for him Khader Bhai was his guru who showed light in his life and he was very happy to shower his respect on him on the Guru Purnima day.

A Guru will uplift you many folds without any expectations while remaining at the same level




Year : 2050  India: A Survey reported that the divorce rates are declining at a very rapid pace ( Now close to 1% ) and 94% of younger generation prefers to get married over other options.


It was 7 am on a Sunday morning; Valluvan was enjoying the last leg of his sleep. Vasuki his beloved wife came gently close and woke him up. He could smell the strong flavor of the hot coffee he liked and see the smiling face of his wife as he woke up.

While he was enjoying his coffee sip by sip Vasuki gently massaged his shoulders, caressed his hair and switched on the heater to facilitate his hot water bath.

He enquired about the day’s program and Vasuki started with the breakfast menu and then listed down all the other activities of the day. He ordered many changes which she accepted with grace. The main activity of the day was the visit of Valluvan’s grandparents who initially opposed his marriage with Vasuki and later accepted it half-heartedly as there was no other choice. This is the first time they are going to meet Vasuki. They have scheduled to stay with the couple for the next two weeks. Valluvan was tensed but Vasuki maintained her cool as usual. In fact Valluvan has never seen her getting angry or losing control any time. They have been happily married for the last two years and there has never been any misunderstanding between them. Yes it is true – they lived like the Valluvan & Vasuki of olden days.

Four pm in the evening Valluvan’s grandparents arrived – they were received well by Vasuki and she took utmost care by sensing their needs in advance and being more proactive in fulfilling them. Valluvan’s grandparents were very much impressed and convinced with the right choice of their Grandson.

After a while Vaskui called Valluvan and whispered – Your grandmother Sitadevi, I rate her character 95/100 and your grandfather Ramravan’s score is only 50/100. This is my firm assessment and as your wife I have to tell the truth as it is. Now Valluvan was worried for he knows for sure that reliability factor of Vasuki’s assessment has always been close to 99.98% and he has been experiencing this for last two years.

He took Vasuki alone and grilled further down about his grandfather – She gave a report that read

  1. He allegedly forged his mark sheet and got the job in the company he served for 26 years and rose to the level of the Director.
  2. Eight times so far he has made wrong declaration on his assets while filing his income tax

And there were six other bullet points as above in the report

After dinner Valluvan casually asked his loving grandfather about the forged mark sheet. Ramravan didn’t expect this and was perplexed and after a long silence he asked his grandson how did you know this? Valluvan maintained silence ………..He saw a big contradiction in his grandfather as the name Ramravan was.

PS :

Vasuki: A Robotic Wife machine (RMW) with ultra-super scanning, data processing, analytical and artificial Intelligence capabilities, which can be 100% customized to one’s need. You will think you control it but it will fully control you letting you think that way.