I & O Pvt Ltd

First row was for the award winners. Arjun in his full business suit was found seated there. The next announcement came “The best startup company of the year: – I & O Pvt limited and the award will be received by Mr. Arjun Ramsamy its CEO.  Amidst the thunderous claps he walked proudly to the stage and collected the award from the union minister. For the first time in his life he stood before such a large crowd and he was very happy. He had a feeling of doing something worthwhile in his life.

In that moment he thought back, One and half years before the situation was completely different. He was jobless and days where just passing by . He was frustrated and clueless about his future though he had an Engineering degree.  He used to spend the major part of his day sitting in a road side tea shop sipping tea, reading the newspapers, calling his friends and/or observing things happening around.

Suddenly he was pulled back from his thoughts to the present as the photos stopped clicking and the Union Minister shook his hands for the second time. He felt happy as he descended the stage carrying that award. Back at home he saw a reporter of the leading newspaper waiting to meet him- he smiled and sat for the interview

Reporter (R): Congratulations!

Arjun      (A): Thank you very much.

R: Best startup company of the Year – How do you feel?

A: Feeling very good, having done something worthwhile

R: How it all started?

A: I was in great frustration one and half years back, couldn’t find a job after completing my engineering degree and one day something strange happened….

R: What was that?

A: I used to spend a lot my time sitting in a road side tea shop those days and one day while I was there I saw two things, one a funeral procession of an old man and I heard someone saying that the old man was a famous Architect who had a lot of money but still suffered in his last days as he couldn’t get proper care and the Second, I saw a pregnant woman restless in a car that was struck in the traffic due to that procession.

R : What was great about it – those things are common and happen every where ?

A : For me it made think – I saw an opportunity and thus I & O emerged

R : What I & O stand for ?

A : The moment I saw those incidents – it was very clear to me to what I should do . Later I did some market research spoke to a lot of people and met professionals in various streams. Then a month later I & O was started.  “I” stand for getting In to the world and “O” Stands for getting Out of the world.

We have two Verticals – In and Out.

IN – with main focus on the Incoming – Preparation of pregnancy, creating comfort & positive ambience for pregnant mothers.

Out – With main focus on the outgoing – Preparing people for their death, creating a positive and comfortable environment. Improving the quality of death. We put our efforts to make people complete before they die without carrying any guilt, remorse or regrets.

R : What you is your advice to the young people ?

A : I am not big enough to advice people but I can share this from my experience – Be observant, One Idea is enough to change your life. Success in life is your own creation.

R : Thank you and wishing you many more successful creations in your life.

A : Thank you for wishes.



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