A long drive awaited Vimal.  It was 21:00 hrs and he was still enjoying the party with his friends. He couldn’t remember the exact count of whisky that has gone inside him but for sure there were some more to go. And once the party is over he had to be alone in his car “CE” the whole night and to cover 1200 kms to reach his destination the next day.

Vimal wasn’t a regular drinker – he is very health conscious and does regular exercise to keep himself fit. But today is a special day as he was celebrating his promotion with all his friends so he let himself, to loose control.

Finally at 23.25 hours he got into the car – the whisky he consumed showed multiple images of everything he saw. The car started to move on that narrow street. There was an old man cycling slowly on the middle of the road the car slowed down a bit – allowed the old man to move to the left and then over took him. After 15 minutes the car was on the national high way heading to Vimal’s final destination.

Vimal opened the side window of his car – there was a sudden rush of fresh air which embraced him. It was soothing and made him sleep. A stray dog on the high way attempted to cross the road and it did. It was too close but still escaped unhurt.

At around 2 am the car came to a halt at the railway level crossing on that deserted high way. There were two people waiting for that moment, they quickly surveyed the car and scanned the environment. They could not see any one else other than them and Vimal in the car. They decided it was the best moment to rob Vimal of all his belongings. As they neared the car windows automatically got shut and extra lights in the car got lit and as they touched the car’s door a siren started to beep and hidden cameras in the car started to click photos flashing lights.

There was a sudden splash of some liquid from the nozzle in the car’s window followed by a voice from the car’s speaker it warned the robbers “Hi Manickam and Saravanan you have been identified – If you leave this place in next two minutes you are safe or else your photos will be sent to the nearest police station and you will be tracked and arrested by the police shortly. They got baffled and left the place immediately. The car started to move again as the train crossed. Vimal was still in deep sleep unaware of all that happened while ago

The car averaged a speed of 200 km/hr and at around 5.30 am there were multiple alarms which woke Vimal up – a cup of water and hot coffee was ready at Cars door tray.  The windows opened again and Vimal started to sip the coffe as his radio briefed all the international happenings and at 5.58 am he was very close to his destination which was on the right ride of the road, he had to take a diversion to reach his destination.“CE” kept moving straight, he saw the navigation map – CE has planned to go further 10 Kms and take the permitted right turn on that high way and come back to his destination.

Vimal kept his coffe mug on its stand and got into action. He took control of his car’s steering for the first time since he started the journey previous night, changed the car control from Auto to Manual mode. Turned the car right and drove the car in the wrong lane and direction to enter the paths which lead to his destination.

After all Man is a Man – he can never be disciplined as a Machine.


 “CE” – CarEnthiran :- A car with an autonomous drive technology, which includes advances in artificial intelligence, sensors, cameras, radar, data analytics, Security and advance two way communication systems.

Which dosent needs you to drive unless and otherwise you want to.




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