Guru Purnima

It was a full moon day in the month of July and it was special for the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. It is traditionally celebrated to pay their respects to the teachers/guides and express their gratitude. The festival is also believed to mark the onset of monsoons, and is thus a prime source of celebration for farmers. It was a celebration time in that village. It is a very tiny village in that big country not very far from its deserted border where people of all caste, creed and religion lived together happily. Peace and happiness was intertwined.

The only tea shop in that village was owned by Khader Meeran affectionately called Khader Bhai by the villagers. It is usual for the village elders to spend most part of the day there lazily reading the two different newspapers which reached there every day a day after its birth. At times youngsters also spend their time listening to Khader Bhai’ s brief and explanations of the happenings in that country and other parts of the world – Thanks to those two newspapers.

As usual the teashop was crowded that day and Khader Bhai was serving tea to all his customers with smile and patience. In fact he was doing this for the past 20 years or so. The shop was in existence for more than 100 years since his great grandfather days. Khader Bhai used to read the newspapers in full before he opens the shop and will be ready to share what he read with his analysis to whomever willing to listen. The village youngster Amulya Kumar Sahu was fortunate to be there in the tea shop that day and listened to Khader Bhai’s briefing.

Khader Bhai read aloud a news item for the benefit of all from the newspaper – “Unrest in Lamdok area, which is a tri-junction connecting the two neighboring countries with us. Armies are being deployed there by all the three countries as the border tension is on rise. Analysts feel the President of the country in the north will keep this issue alive at least for next five years and continue with the provocation till such time he decimates adversaries within his party to gain supremacy and enlarge his grip over the party thus be in power for one more full term”.

Then he stared with his analysis….this is a strategic move by that President to divert people’s attention, play the patriotic card and make best use of the situation. All the three countries are equally strong with nuclear warhead capabilities. They all know that if anyone crosses their limit it is end for all. But they will keep playing within their limits. One thing is sure all the tree countries are increasing their vigil in that border area – which was almost unguarded or less guarded all these days. It means each government will start establishing steady line of supply to its soldiers and it will continue forever. In the years to come slowly tension will subside and the borders will become normal but the area will be inhabited and slowly prosper. Then he turned towards Amulya and said the youngster like you should go there quickly and grab the emerging opportunities.

Twenty five years later on the same Guru Purnima day a man in his mid-forties drove down the village in his latest dream car which stopped in front of the Khader Bhai’s tea shop. The village has not changed much and it continued its existence with that only tea shop. The crowd in the tea shop and Khader Bhai was watching as the man stepped out of his car. Two men followed him carrying a big garland, he went straight to Khader Bhai bowed down touched his feet sought his blessings and garlanded him. Khader Bhai recognized and embraced him.  He expressed his love and happiness for what that man was and it was true without any expectation every one there could sense it. Khader Bhai made the man sit in the broken bench of his tea shop. He went inside and prepared a special tea for his unexpected guests.

The Man in mid-forties was Mr. Amulya Kumar Sahu owner of AKS Logistics and Supply chain Co Ltd which is a leading international company with major presence in all those three border countries and has about 52 braches worldwide. And for him Khader Bhai was his guru who showed light in his life and he was very happy to shower his respect on him on the Guru Purnima day.

A Guru will uplift you many folds without any expectations while remaining at the same level


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