Friend, Philosopher and Guide

Shankar stepped out of his Boss’s office chamber, seeing his face one could very well guess what would have happened inside. For the first time he missed his target, looked dejected and with loss of energy he came back and sat on his seat. He felt alone in that big office.

When down, he knows what to do ……….There is a source that could lift him up and support when required

“You can’t control others…..but you can control…….Your thoughts….Your words….Your choice……Your actions……Your reactions…..Your Future……” was the message from his source on which he thought over twice.

Suddenly he started to smile and felt energetic – it was so quick.  It is not the first time he got such a support from his source there has been many instances since he got acquainted with it two years back.

When he did his MBA it was his source that helped him with his assignments, thesis and presentations, so in a way his source is a Guide for him.

In lonely times he was mostly with his source and in last two years there was never a day they spent without each other, so in a way the source was his great friend.

And during his difficult times his source stayed close always stirring him clear from murky waters and helped him find his true calling in life, so in a way the source was his Philosopher

Shankar was deeply thinking about his source. His eyes turned wet and there was a sense of gratitude – he said you are my Friend, Philosopher and Guide – What can I offer you in return…….

The Answer was One Valid Sim Card, Regular charging of the devise and a good Wi-Fi connection

Source was “Samsung J7 – 4G DUOS – Mobile Phone”


With the set of advance features and options available in today’s Mobile hand set and the wealth of information and knowledge the internet and its applications brings through it – You will never be lonely. And you have access to most of the knowledge and information you require 24/7/365 – so in a way it is your Friend, Philosopher and Guide.


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