Drive to Heaven

Routine work at his office pushed him to boredom. Bhavan decided to do something about it.  His watch showed 17.30:24. He switched his computer off and silently left the office.

He sat in the car and turned on the ignition still undecided what to do. Suddenly a thought came to his mind – Why not drive to heaven for boredom dosent find a place in the dictionary there. He decided to use Google maps as he was not sure how to reach heaven.

A hidden lady (Guiding angel from the Google Maps) started to speak from his mobile – “Head north and then turn left”……… he started to follow her directions…… the lady spoke again…..” Continue straight for 1.5 Kms….” now he was on the main road, traffic was heavy and everything was moving in snail’s pace. A lot of crowded buses, two wheelers and other vehicles on the road – He thought it is natural for Chennai which employs the second largest number of people in India in terms of manpower to be that way.

The hidden lady assured him that he was in the fastest route despite the usual traffic. As the traffic was moving slow he started to observe things around him – There was a three wheeler ( Auto ) in his right side which carried  the famous puchline of Rajnikant…”Chumma Adhirudhulla” ( Literal Transulation : You’re quacking, aren’t you?) he felt happy remembering the best part of some Rajni films reading that.

He moved further and saw a board which read –

“We can Shoot Your Wife and Frame your Mother – in – Law. If you want we can hang them too!”

Bit confused, he read it again and found it placed in front of the roadside Photographic Studio – He could not stop himself appreciating the creativity of the person who framed those line. Very innovative he said to himself.

It took almost 53 mins for him to cover those 1.5 kms. Then came again the instruction from that hidden lady …..” Turn left into the major district road 613 take the slip road keep right and then continue straight for 2 kms”

Now the traffic was little better he continued to drive slow continuing his observation ….as he moved he saw a road side temple with an unusual name Sri Selva Lakshmi Visa Ganapathi. He has heard about it earlier but seeing it for the first time. He saw some people carrying a strange combination of objects in the queue, Passport and visa documents in one hand and flowers, coconut, incense stick and banana in other. He could see some people coming out of the temple as if obtaining the Visa from the God Ganapathi himself,thus was the strong belief they had. People from all over the state pay their visit to this temple before stepping into any embassy in the city for visa. He was very much convinced that these things will happen only in India and was happy about it.

At last he was in the Anna salai the main road in Chennai. GST he thought for a while not the Goods and Services tax – this road was once called Grand Southern Trunk road ( GST Road) in old Madarasapatnam. He kept driving, his car climbed and descended the Kathipara flyover the largest clover shaped flyover in Asia and by the time he was nearing  the Airport area the traffic was heavy again. The road was mainly occupied by the state owned buses. He remembered reading somewhere, while the bus transportation started in the city only in 1925 the flight services was introduced in 1917 itself – he wondered.

From the time he started his drive to heaven it is almost four hours now – he realized it is better to travel well than arrive.

He did that today. His watch showed 21:33:03. It would take atleast two more hours for him to reach home

Hell with the traffic he shouted and started driving back cutting short his trip to heaven as the hidden lady disappeared.


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