Year : 2050  India: A Survey reported that the divorce rates are declining at a very rapid pace ( Now close to 1% ) and 94% of younger generation prefers to get married over other options.


It was 7 am on a Sunday morning; Valluvan was enjoying the last leg of his sleep. Vasuki his beloved wife came gently close and woke him up. He could smell the strong flavor of the hot coffee he liked and see the smiling face of his wife as he woke up.

While he was enjoying his coffee sip by sip Vasuki gently massaged his shoulders, caressed his hair and switched on the heater to facilitate his hot water bath.

He enquired about the day’s program and Vasuki started with the breakfast menu and then listed down all the other activities of the day. He ordered many changes which she accepted with grace. The main activity of the day was the visit of Valluvan’s grandparents who initially opposed his marriage with Vasuki and later accepted it half-heartedly as there was no other choice. This is the first time they are going to meet Vasuki. They have scheduled to stay with the couple for the next two weeks. Valluvan was tensed but Vasuki maintained her cool as usual. In fact Valluvan has never seen her getting angry or losing control any time. They have been happily married for the last two years and there has never been any misunderstanding between them. Yes it is true – they lived like the Valluvan & Vasuki of olden days.

Four pm in the evening Valluvan’s grandparents arrived – they were received well by Vasuki and she took utmost care by sensing their needs in advance and being more proactive in fulfilling them. Valluvan’s grandparents were very much impressed and convinced with the right choice of their Grandson.

After a while Vaskui called Valluvan and whispered – Your grandmother Sitadevi, I rate her character 95/100 and your grandfather Ramravan’s score is only 50/100. This is my firm assessment and as your wife I have to tell the truth as it is. Now Valluvan was worried for he knows for sure that reliability factor of Vasuki’s assessment has always been close to 99.98% and he has been experiencing this for last two years.

He took Vasuki alone and grilled further down about his grandfather – She gave a report that read

  1. He allegedly forged his mark sheet and got the job in the company he served for 26 years and rose to the level of the Director.
  2. Eight times so far he has made wrong declaration on his assets while filing his income tax

And there were six other bullet points as above in the report

After dinner Valluvan casually asked his loving grandfather about the forged mark sheet. Ramravan didn’t expect this and was perplexed and after a long silence he asked his grandson how did you know this? Valluvan maintained silence ………..He saw a big contradiction in his grandfather as the name Ramravan was.

PS :

Vasuki: A Robotic Wife machine (RMW) with ultra-super scanning, data processing, analytical and artificial Intelligence capabilities, which can be 100% customized to one’s need. You will think you control it but it will fully control you letting you think that way.


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