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Notable Initiative @Tiruvarur

A place has been allocated at the prime location for people who wish to give their used cloths for the needy. Clothes can be dropped there and whoever needs can pick it without any embarrassment.

Clothing donations make a big difference to people who are struggling to make their ends meet. More than clothes it gives confidence. It can can enable a child to prosper at school among her peers. It can keep a family warm at night when the temperatures drop.

This is a very good initiative by the administration which needs to be appreciated. Possibility of replicating this model at other places also needs to be explored.


The courtroom was crowded. It was judgment day for the case reference Crime/1X23/2018, the sensational murder case of an upcoming model Rubina aged 23.

All the three suspects – Vanraj (Son of the State Law Minister), his friends Balraj and Ravi were present in the court under Police Custody. They were quite confident of their acquittal today since they have hired the best criminal lawyer in the country – Deepak Singhal, who has done a good job till then.  Total justice for the huge money he received as fees.  Moreover, he would again receive success fees, if the case turns in favor of his clients. In that case, it will be his highest ever paycheck. The very thought of it made him more committed to winning this case.

The trial began and the public prosecutor presented his arguments and stated that the available pieces of evidence clearly points towards the suspects and their involvement in the murder, though it couldn’t be established with the absolute certainty. Citing the tragic end of Rubina at a very young age, he ended his argument pleading maximum punishment for all the three accused.

Next, it is the turn of Deepak Singhal, he argued with eloquence and facts supporting his clients and finished his arguments saying that – “While I respect and appreciate the work done by our Police department and the submissions of the Public Prosecutor, still an element of doubt exists. The suspects may not be guilty of the charges and any such benefit of the doubt should be in favor of the suspects in this case. My humble submission is that if at all the three suspects are really guilty it can be established only if the dead Rubina comes alive again and tell us what happened to her on that fateful day, that’s all your honor” he ended.

Then there was total silence in the court hall. After a while, the Judge turned towards the Public Prosecutor and said – “Do you want to say anything more?”

Public Prosecutor stood up and started to speak – “Your honor if the respected Deepak Singhal feels Rubina coming alive will solve the problem, we will make it happen”.

Again, the room was filled with silence. People started to murmur how that could happen?  It was established beyond doubt that Rubina was killed.  And post-mortem on Rubina’s dead body was done by none other than an eminent Physician of Social Standing – Padma Shri Dr. Deenadayalu.

As the public prosecutor signaled there was little commotion at the entry gate and Dr. Deenadayalu along with Rubina appeared. Suddenly she was alive standing there in front of the Judge. There was total confusion in the courtroom and as the Judge ordered silence Dr. Deenadayalu started to speak – “I can understand the confusion that exists in people’s mind here, particularly on how Rubika is back and alive?”

With all the people lending their best attention he went on to explain his research project called – ADHOLR (After Death, Hibernation and one last recall) in which Rubina was the first to be tested. He said that through his ADHOLR process any person dead can be brought alive for one last time if his/her body is preserved well under certain prescribed conditions. The person can be recalled or can be made alive for one last time within a span of six months from his /her death date. The recall period of the dead person normally lasts between 10 Minutes to 3 hours maximum based on the person’s conditions at the time of death. In case of Rubina’s recall, she will be alive for one and a half hours, he said and thanked the government for all the support it extended for his research.

It was an unbelievable moment for the people present there, including the Judge and it took time for the normalcy to restore. After a while the Judge asked Rubina – Please tell what happened, we would like to hear from you?

Rubina explained what happened to detail, how Vanraj and his friends killed her on that fateful day and then answered all the questions posed by the Judge and Deepak Singhal. All present were now convinced that the suspects are guilty.

Then there was a break during which Rubina spent time talking to his family and friends and when her recall period was about to end in ten minutes, the Judge was back in his seat and proceedings began again.

The Judge turned towards Rubina and asked for one last time – would you like to say anything else?

She said “I just want to say three things

One – To my Family and Friends – Thank You, I will miss you.

Two – To Dr. Deenadayalu – Congratulations for your marvelous Invention – ADHOLR. You have made our country proud.

Three – To the Honorable Judge – Forgive all the three accused. I know now what life really means – it is nothing but Unconditional love towards everyone and everything. It only matters in the end.

After a while, everyone saw Rubina is dying for the second time.

ARUVI – Tamil Film Review

Story Line:

Today’s Modernistic and commercial world turns a naïve girl to revolt against the society she couldn’t fit into, especially three people who wronged her. She uses a TV reality show and by holding the studio conducting it under siege to vent out her anger. Labeled as a terrorist, how she got into this mess and how it ends is the story.

Review :

It is a rare breed film with a very different story that defies the conventional thinking and trend. The flow of the film is real without much of usual drama. It is a mixed pot with emotions, love, comedy, aspects of a thriller and an art film.
The Cast of the film needs a special mention – Aditi Balan in the lead role as Aruvi is a highly talented artist and a perfect fit for the role. She is the major contributor.
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy as the reality show anchor and Anjali Varadhan as transgender – Emily is outstanding. Rest of the Cast have also done their best.
The film makes you cry and laugh in equal amounts. Visuals and music are very good. This film could have been made a little better though it is very good to watch.
Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman deserves very special appreciation for his bold effort.

Aruvi miga arumai Ji

Madam Don

Ms J Jayalalitha
Born: 24 February 1948
Died: 5 December 2016

Madam Don
Two years gone !

You not there
Noise every where

Your courage multifold
Men,they surrendered in your hold

Sun still finds difficult to rise
As your popularity clouds it wise

You did more good or bad?
If there is an answer, I would be glad.