Mind body Connection : Heal documentary movie.

Sunday afternoon well spent. Accepting my cousin’s recommendation saw the movie – Heal.

A great documentary movie on Mind – Body connection. A very positive movie which will help many in this world.

Team behind should be appreciated first for this commendable effort. It should be watched by everyone. The contents should be consumed and practiced.

It is all about holistic living, faith healing and other alternative healing techniques.

To summarize, it states that instead of treating the symptoms one needs to try his best to identify the root cause and eliminate it. And the best way to do it is to turn inwards.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect our health and by having control over these body has the power to heal itself.

People who fought and overcame Chronic illness share their experience. They say it is mostly mind over body and medicine which accelerates the healing process.

The following is some of the learning from this film though there are many

Self-Healing is greatly aided by

1. Changing your diet

2. Taking control of your health

3. Being guided by our intuition

4. Properly using herbs and supplements

5.Getting rid of suppressed emotions

6. Increasing day to day positivity

7. Being Socially active

8. Spiritual connections

9. Having a strong purpose to live

I strongly recommend to watch this movie in full. For sure, in someway it will help you or people in your life.