He got his enlightenment.

Midway through his life
He sat and paused ,
For a while
In search of his smile.

He thought about his past,
It was all so fast.
He wanted to change some
But he realised he could do none

He tried to see the future,
Of which he is not sure.

“Dog-eat-dog world”
“Survival of the fittest”
Those thoughts kept
Raising within him unabated

He just let them flow.
Not attaching any significance to it ,
Whatever so.
Only to realise it that
There are many things
Not in his control
Though he wished for them to be so.

He asked himself,
“Then, what is the point?”

Through the windows
Suddenly, warm breeze
Swept the room
At that moment
He got his enlightenment.

He said to himself.
“I can’t change the direction of the wind,
But I can adjust my sails”.

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