Seethakkathi – Film Review


Title Meaning:

Seethakkathi is the name of a person who lived in the 1650s. His real name was ‘Sheik Abdul Kader’ which is said to have changed into spoken Tamil as Seethakkathi.  He is known for his generous nature and there is also a phrase after him in Tamil – “செத்தும் கொடுத்தார் சீதக்காதி” (Sethum Koduthar Seethakathi) which means he was generous even after his death.


A very principled and talented artist whose life was completely devoted to the theatre (stage plays). He is very passionate to perform in front of the audience (Live Performance), hence refuses film offers. What happens when he starts acting in movies is the story.


First the director Balaji Tharaneetharan should be appreciated for the following.

  1. Like his earlier film “Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (NKPK)” he is successful in picking a simple but terrific idea and presenting it very well.
  2. More with less – The leader character (Hero) is found only in one-third of the film despite the hero’s presence is felt throughout the film.

Vijay Sethupathi as Ayya Athimoolam has done remarkably well especially in the scenes which shows the transition of the theatre from the 1950s to date and how it declines over the period.

Mouli sparkles as Ayya’s faithful staff and well-wisher. The film starts slow and picks up the pace. The dark comedy in the film needs a special mention without which it would have been a much serious subject to watch. The comedy mix is perfect. There are some very good talents visible in the film, notably the people who played the characters Dhanapal and Saravanan.

It has all the elements of an art film, also entertaining.

சீதக்காதி – நல்ல செய்தி

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