Petta – Film Review



A village karate master resurfaces as a hostel warden after a long gap to settle an act of revenge. His target is a powerfully dangerous politician and his gangster son. Who wins is the story.


It is a movie of the Rajni fans, by the Rajni fans, for the Rajni fans. For others, it is a Pongal gift.

Director Karthik Subbaraj weaves the magic wand and brings back the young and energetic Rajni exactly as he was seen three decades back. It is astonishing and surprising to see a man who is nearing 70, still has the energy to carry the entire film with his style and agility, making it more enjoyable.

The film opens with a question – trademark Rajni punch line “Naan Veezhven endru ninaithaayo?”. And ends aptly with another question – punch line “Indha Attam Podhuma?”. Between these two questions, the answer is found, why he is still the Superstar.

His makeup team deserves full credit for making him young and much younger in the flashback scenes. Action sequences match that of the ’90s in speed.

The film reflects the Hero in him as seen in Baasha, Angry young man of Mallum Malaram, Murattukalai , ROMCOM hero of Thambikku endha Oru, Padiayappa and few other aspects of his characters in other films which makes it refreshing and memorable.

The film’s star cast is excellent, though others have a very little to contribute they have all done their part very well. Like Nawaszuddin Siddique, Vijay Sethupathi, Sasikumar, Director Mahendran, Bobby Simha, Trisha, Simran, and others. Rajni – Simran & Rajni-Muniskanth scenes were very good though little.

Rajni can only draw inspiration from himself to do the role of Kaali in this film.

To conclude,

Indha Attam Podhuma? – Podhathu, enum neraiya Vendum

பேட்ட – பழைய ரஜினி சேட்டை.

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