All fools day

Around the world the first day of April is observed by trying to play a practical joke and/or harmless pranks on a victim who then become an April fool. 

Why 1st of April is called Fools day and how, where it started, no one knows, though there are many stories about its origin. But this custom of setting aside a day for making others a fool, dates long back in history (1500’s AD) and being followed till date, and the below is one such prank.

Bryan was entrusted with an important letter to be given to a person called Mr.X. That person having read the letter and asked Bryan to take it to someone else and so on, the chain continued. After several exchanges, Bryan got curious to know what was written in that letter and to find, why an important letter is being circulated to so many people. He went to a spot where no one can notice him and opened the letter. It was written, “Send the fool further”, he then realized, being fooled on All fools day.

Having fooled by others once, the victim Bryan thought for a while on how he could make the fool’s day to his advantage rather than being fooled again. A brilliant Idea came to him. Immediately he decided to meet his boss and ask for a pay rise.

He thought if his boss says yes, it would be great, otherwise he will use 1st April advantage and say April fool to his boss on a lighter note. He rehearsed his conversation well and went to his boss and asked for a pay rise with confidence.

His boss looked at him for a while and replied, “I have never come across a person who is as smart, perfect and as intelligent as you. Really you deserve more” and after a pause he said, “Just wanted to wish you Happy April Fool’s day”.

After all what one fool can understand, another can.

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