Arjun Reddy film

Arjun Reddy ( Telugu)

Story :

Some phases in the life of a young, talented and rebellious medical surgeon. He finds his lady love at the end of his college days but circumstances forces her to marry another man. He turns into the self-destructive mode with alcohol and drugs. Does he recover?


The lead character Dr Arjun Reddy is well written and shaped very well in the screen.

It is very difficult to picturise such a character who is intelligent, rebelling, short tempered, care free and does not really care about what others think and just do what he feels right, justifying his actions.

The director has handled it very well.
Lead character totally dominates the film and others with good performance just support it.

Vijay Devarajonda perfectly fits the role, and he is so natural. He has lived that character. His character in the film does not demand others to like him. So many, may not like this movie. I liked watching it for its realistic portrayal of a rare character.

Arjun Reddy is a rebellious buddy

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