Power of thoughts

The Power of Thoughts                         
                        By Swami Mukundananda.

The book presents powerful concepts for immediate practical applications. It explains how the thoughts we bring into our minds,shape our destiny and how we can change our lives by changing our thoughts.

It blends science, spirituality and common sense and puts it in a simple and easy to understand language for us to live a more calm, peaceful, healthy and purposeful life.

My main takeaways

1.The thoughts we think determine whether we are happy or sad. 

2. We rise in life by uplifting our thoughts – this is the formula for success.
3.Why are negative thoughts in our minds
   a serious problem?
When a particular emotion is 
repeated multiple times within us, a
neural pathway gets etched and our
brain gets conditioned to form an
4. By themselves, thoughts are not harmful,they just enter awareness and slip away ,making a scant difference to us.
The problem starts when we start
 identifying ourselves as the voice behind
 our thoughts, and that’s where the
 confusion begins.
5. Thoughts and feelings make us
recall memories. The memories evoke images , leading to further thoughts,
feelings, and images in a recurring
manner. Sometimes it’s in our control
and most of the time it’s not.
6. To master our minds, we must desist
from fault-finding, no matter how
pleasant it seems.
7. Self-discipline is the mental power that enables us to stick to our plan.

Every inspirational and must-read book.

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