Work Safe

You got electrocuted.
And left us all

In a moment
It all happened so fast

Unable to comprehend
What happened?
We keep asking 5 times why.
But you have already reached the sky.

SOP’s if fully adhered too
You would be with us now, wouldn’t you?
The PPE’s if all were used
The intensity would have been reduced

You are no more now.
It pains us a lot.
No words to express our sorrow.
We keep thinking about you.
We will miss you forever.

One more chance
If you get to meet us
This is what you would have said.

Pause before
You start the work
Think of safety
That of yours and the team
Caution and take precautions
Gear up with full-safety gears.
With SOP’s thorough in mind
Do only what is said in it.

Safety is our top priority.
Always remember it with utmost sincerity.
Work safe
Work safe
Work safe
Your loved ones are waiting.
For you to return home safe.

My journey has ended.
I will remain as a warning sign for you all.
As your journey continues.

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