Haiku ( Short Story )

Photo : Priscilla Du Prez

The sun was working overtime at 6 pm, and it was yet to set. Victor was walking in the Marina seashore, deeply reflecting on how that day unfolded for him.
He felt there was nothing to cheer about as his story script was rejected by yet another film director. This was not new to him. There had been several days like this in the past, except for one change today; he chose to come to the beach.

At the beach he could see people of all ages. For different people, the beach means different. Some came there to relax, some to spend time with their family and so on…But for him, he needed solitude, hence he chose a long walk along the shore.

People who read his stories said to him that they liked it very much, and if filmed, it would be a Golden Jubilee hit. All these just remained as words and never materialized.

He was very dejected, some force made him walk as if his voluntary, involuntary and semi-voluntary functions were out of his control. But the waves of the sea were not ready to give him up. It repeatedly embraced his feet.
All of a sudden, something got struck between his legs. It made him regain control and get back to his senses. He looked down, it was a piece of paper. Reluctantly he bent himself and picked that paper. It is natural to a writer to glance through what is there in the paper.

It was short poetry in the Japanese poetic form Haiku in Tamil. The English translation of it went something like this…

“On the seashore when I turned back
My footprints were missing,”

Reading this he immediately turned to his back, he didn’t find his footprints. It was his moment of realization.

He started to smile, there was sudden joy, happiness, energy and renewed hope. All his past failures were erased from his mind.

He started walking briskly, leaving new footprints as the sun told a goodbye to him.


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