May 10, 2017

Flight landed 45 mins before time; it was a big relief to all the passengers. Tarun with only a hand luggage to bother was in a hurry to get out and reach home. It was six in the evening.

As he walked out of the arrival lounge his luggage changed hands and his driver welcomed him with a cautious smile. Soon he was inside his car and drifted to self-reflection mode…It was his 23rd business trip since the start of the year, despite his accomplishments he felt the need to do more, his company recognized his efforts with additional responsibilities and matching remunerations. He was always on the move.

An hour later he reached home. For his wife and son his absence from home is a routine affair and they were accustomed to it. As he entered the main hall of his house he saw his 7 year old son Sachin playing the game of trade with his friends (The Game wherein children uses fake money, attempts to understand its use and applications by the way of trading and spending) Sachin greeted him and continued to play with his friends.

His wife welcomed him with a smile as he chose to sit in the sofa just little away from his Son’s play zone. “Coffee? “ Even before the words came out his wife’s mouth he said – hot please.

He lazily gazed the entire hall while he waited for his coffee to arrive. His attention slowly shifted to the paly area. Several conversations where happening there as the dice kept rolling……

“How much is that house in Mumbai? “I own an airplane now?”

“ I am buying this car” “I own 4 houses in 3 cities and have Rs 30,000 cash now”

“I have to pay a fine of Rs 2500”………..

Negotiations and transactions where happening and he found some winning, some loosing, some loaded with cash and properties, some seeking bank loans and some starving for money….. Tarun was in observing them deeply only to be distracted by the smell of the strong hot coffee.

His wife gently handed over the coffee and turned towards the children and said it is time to pack off the game now. Moments later all the properties and the money owned by the children in the game lost its value and it was thrown back into the box….it had no meaning and soon the play zone space was empty.

Seeing this Tarun realized that the life itself is a game and people are ever busy running behind money to add some meaning to it and keep accumulating things only to realize later at some point that everything comes to an end and life itself turning to be empty and meaning less …..

His mobile rings and as he answers, his face changes and there is a sense of urgency…….we can’t lose this order? It is going to impact our market position? We can’t let it go……. Buy time till tomorrow morning, we will rework our offer ……….. He said ” I will be there in 30 mins……………, I am leaving right now”……

Coffee was left un drunk and he picked his office bag and rushed to his car.…….The driver texted his wife “Boss is back, night stay at office today “and the run continues………….

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