S Vanjicko

My very close friend, my college mate and my roommate. He left this world in a hurry after putting a brave long fight against COVID.

We were always together during our college days and continued our friendship thereafter. Though our professions kept us apart at different places, occasional phone calls, outings and chats kept our bond strong and intact till the end.

He was a very nice person, and everyone loved to be in his company. We did many things together, shared the same bench sitting next to each other every year at the college. I had opportunities to visit him in his place of work a couple of times, and there I admired his sincerity and dedication he exhibited towards his work.

We shared our life experiences and kept learning from each other. Now he is gone, and there is Void.

There are certain people for whom you can’t find a replacement in your life, he is of that category. I will miss him.

Rest in peace, Vanjicko.

Thanks for everything. You will always be in my memories till my end.

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