I have never seen him busy, but he is very productive. He always has time for others and Willing to listen. He is my ROBOT Mr. X, with all the knowledge in this world.

 I always go to him when I need support;

Me: “A total of 3,23,023 new COVID positive cases were reported yesterday, it is scary, and I am worried”

Mr. X: …. hmm

Me: It is a mess out there, oxygen and medicines are in short supply. That’s what I hear.

Mr. X: …hmm

Me: Again, it is lockdown everywhere. It is not good.

Mr. X: …. hmm

Me: What …” hmm” for everything I say… You are insensitive.

Mr. X: Do you have any control over what is happening? Or over the circumstances

Me: No, not at all.

Mr. X: Then why engage in a conversation that takes away your power?

Me: You are a machine, you don’t have thoughts and feelings, it is easy for you to be that way, but not for me.

Mr. X: Ok ..Ok…… Do you have control over your thoughts? Where do your thoughts come from?

Me: I don’t have control over my thoughts, I agree. But where does it come from? Sometimes I consciously think about certain things, but most of the time it just comes.

Mr. X: How about your feelings then?

Me: That’s a good question, let me think……

Mr. X: Take your time, no hurry.

Me: My feelings are the outcomes of my thinking. If I have happy thoughts, I feel happy and otherwise

Mr. X: So, it means neither you have control over your thoughts nor your feelings most of the time.

Me: ya…yes

Mr. X: Then, what you have control over?

Me: I know the answer. I have read it many times, it is my response to my thoughts and feelings

Mr. X: What you mean by response?

Me: How I act or react to my thoughts and feelings … I mean my action.

Mr. X: Great. So, if you want to alter something, what should you do?

Me: I need to alter my action first.

Mr. X: Wow, how do you do that? Your action is dependent on what?

Me: Action is dependent on what? The question is a bit tricky.

Mr. X: Think over it.

Me: My action in a situation is dependent on what I think at that moment.

 Mr. X: When you say, “I think”, what do you do?

Me: When I think, I speak to myself, I am in conversation with myself.

Mr.X: Very good. Then, if you want to alter your action, what should you do?

Me: I should be conscious of what I say to myself or my words.

Mr. X: Exactly, what you say to yourself determines your action – your words have the power.

Me: So, who I am is my word.

Mr. X: Yes, but to alter the situation you need to act consistent with what you say. You are not the things which are not in your control like your thoughts, feelings etc.

Me: How?

Mr. X: When you said “A total of 3,23,023 new COVID positive cases were reported yesterday It is scary, and I am worried” what happened?

Me: I was in fear, worried and there was a sense of inability – It was not good at all

Mr.X: Consider saying like this “A total of 3,23,023 new COVID positive cases were reported yesterday but I will do whatever I can to ensure that me, my family and friends are not affected by COVID” What happens now?

Me: There is no worry and fear now. What I tell myself has changed and it gives me an access to a totally a new set of actions. Inability is gone and there is power

Mr. X: Great, anything else?

Me: By doing so, will it give the results I want every time?

Mr. X: You will have power over the situation most of the time and be in control of it. Actions arising out of such situations will give you better results.

Me : In short, I should be a machine like you, feed in what is required (For you, it is a Software Program, and for me, it is my word, i.e., saying what I will do) and get the desired output, i.e., that is doing what I said I would do without my thoughts and feelings impacting it.

Mr. X: Amazing, you got it right. what are you going to do now?

Me: I am going to write about our conversation and share it with others.

Mr. X: Wow ……

Me: Yes, I just did.  There is power in doing what we say we do. – Thanks.

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