Last Benchers Group

It was another day during the lockdown period. Arjun was struggling to make his son Karthik to concentrate in his studies and as usual his attempt was unsuccessful.

Karthik was below average and his interest was on everything else other than studies. He was unlike Arjun, who always excelled in his studies. This bothered Arjun as he believed academic brilliance was the key to success in life.

Arjun saw his watch; only five minutes was left for a Zoom call which he had to attend. The lockdown gave him time to do things which he had not done before and one such thing was joining a WhatsApp group of his High School Class mates. That Zoom call was with thirty-four of his high school class mates. It has been almost 30 years ever since he left the school, and he had not met any of his classmates since then.

He was very much excited to attend the call, so he left Karthik, went into his room and switched on his computer.

The Zoom call started and slowly one by one started to log in, some he could recognize immediately and a few he couldn’t. After exchange of pleasantries and introductions they all started to recollect their School day memories and gradually shifted to talk about their lives, personal struggles, failures and victories.

Arjun was very happy to note that most of his classmates has reached a level in life which was admirable.

 He also noticed something peculiar about the Last Benchers group. It is a group within his class which was branded as “Last Benchers” since they always sat in the last benches and share common traits such as poor in studies, lack of interest in academics, spending twice the amount of time is some grades, etc.,

What surprised him about the Last Benchers now was that one among them owned a software company employing 1000 people in the USA, one a famous film director and other a ruling party MLA, and they were all successful.

Then the call ended after a while.

As he came out of his room, he saw his son explaining the COVID statistics to his uneducated grandmother. His text books lying open in the table and uncaringly left. Seeing that Arjun was not upset as he used to be before. He smiled and sat there observing his son. And for the first time he saw a lot of confidence in him.

Maybe those Last Benchers success in life would have enlightened him.

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