With the city coming to a near standstill  due to COVID-19 lockdown it had become an arduous task for the stray dogs in that street to find food. There were only few houses in that street and at the end there was a crematorium. Those dogs had a friend there. He was a rag picker who used to spend his nights at that Crematorium and in a way, it was his home. He had to work more than Twelve hours every day to earn a meagre amount of Rs 75/day.

Every night he would  bring some food for those dogs. Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on what he could gather from those waste bins in that city. Dogs know his routine very well, and they were quite excited to receive him as he returned to that street every day in the night.

The rag picker never knew what his name was , who his parents were and how he came to that street. He somehow managed to grow and just exist in this world.

He didn’t know what COVID-19 was all about, and he continued to work as every other day. One day during the lockdown period he happened to cross a hospital in that city. A staff from the hospital called  and gave him Rs 200/ for clearing certain wastes from that hospital, to take them and dispose it off elsewhere. The rag picker did that without any sign of hesitation. Was he happy with that Rs 200 ? No one was sure neither his faced showed any sign of it.

That day he bought biscuits for all the money he had and returned to his so-called home. As usual the dogs were excited, and he shared the biscuits be bought with all those dogs there.

Next morning, he was sick and could not go to work and as the days went by, he was feeling weak, with no food to eat , no one to take care and with just those dogs around him. After a while he died and lay there motion less. Someone in that street noticed it and made repeated calls to the city corporation office not out of compassion but to get rid of that dead body as soon as possible. The corporation staff came, and they decided to bury that rag picker in that same crematorium. And when they did it ,only the dogs that where there shed tears out of their unconditional love for that rag picker. Neither his presence nor demise made a speck of a difference in this planet earth. There was no one to miss him or cry for him except those dogs.

 As I looked back at that Rag Pickers story – It bothered me and there was a question in my mind

Why is that some people’s life is like hell, deprived of basic necessities ,while some enjoy being in the heaven  ? ( by heaven I mean with all the basic necessities and something beyond). Who is behind this design and on what basis?

In search of answer, I read and heard many only to discard them as it was neither convincing nor logical, but one from an old Indian scripture made me think –  It said everything is linked together in this universe and it works as per the Law of cause and effect.

From the composition of a matter to sun rise and sun set to whatever we think and do, etc., is the result of some force beyond our known knowledge working in harmony with the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect is also called as the law of Karma. The word Karma comes from the Sanskrit language, root kri means act ( action). Any action, physical or mental is called Karma and every action will produce some result. Karma thus includes both cause and effect. Cause is the actions and results are the effects. And anything that is happening is always because of some definite causes. The cause is sometimes known to us and sometimes not. Since it is beyond our grasp of perceiving it with our five senses, cause is not known sometimes and only the result or effect is seen.

Does the above answer my question ? – Yes and No , but I have taken an action ( mentally) to understand why the rag picker’s life was so pathetic and different from vast many in this planet earth and as per the law of cause and effect it should give a result or produce an effect with which I may get to know  “why so ?” about that rag picker’s life and I wish it happens.

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