Nano Story : The Secret

Nano Story : The Secret
Painting      : Mr.S Ayyarappan

In the middle of the sea he was all alone, completely isolated from the main land. He still has to go a long way to reach his destination.

From his boat’s deck he saw the sea — it was water and water everywhere.

He said to himself
I am all alone and surrounded by water –It frightened him.

He said to himself
Sea is very rough at times, it is dangerous — It gave him stress.

He said to himself
It is the nature of the sea to be rough at times, but it bound to change after a while — It gave him peace.

He said to himself
God is with me. I am not alone — It gave him hope.

He said to himself
My destination is just another 5K nautical miles away — It gave him the required clarity.

He said to himself
I am surrounded by water, yet I am on top of it — It empowered him.

He said to himself
I have come all alone so far, and the same way I will reach my destination — It gave him confidence.

And finally, he discovered that the Secret lies on what he tells himself.


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