Tale of Two ABAYAN’s

Tale of two ABAYANs


Date: 10th April 2020

This is a story about some moments in the life of two men who live at two different places in this vast country India and share a common name “ABAYAN”

The Story:

The First Abayan

He lives in a southern state of India. A doctor by profession aged 50. Though most of his state’s residents were confined to their homes, the state was still at the risk of entering the stage III of Pandemic COVID -19 outbreak. As a member of the task force set by the Local government to advice on the COVID -19 containment measures he was busy brainstorming with the other members of that task force on whether the government should go for extension of full or Partial lockdown. His face was tense as that of others and something is always bothering at the back of his mind.

The Second Abayan

Aged 90, he lives in a very remote place of north eastern part of India, not known to many in India itself (forget about the rest of the world.), too far from the medical attention, have never seen any of Edison’s invention and with no public transport but it is home for some 10,000-odd people. They were yet to discover money. There they all lived as a family where everyone goes to the nearby forest in the day time and gather some food, comeback and eat together. They ate only when they were hungry That was their daily routine. They lived very close to nature with smiles always in their faces and their heart full of love. Completing his four hours routine of gathering food that morning, Abayan was relaxing with a group of his community men.


COVID -19 knew about First Abayan and it will never know about Second Abayan. It also failed as it’s predecessors MERS, SARS, Ebola, Swine flu etc. to reach him.

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