After COVID -19

Roughly about 20% of the people run the World outside while 80% are staying inside their homes and the world moves on.

If it is so, why in normal circumstances we are complicating things with too many people? Is there a possibility to use the energies of those 80% to make our lives align more with nature, make it simpler, enjoyable, and meaningful.

Time to retrospect. 

My 7’s.

1. Food for all — it is said that 75% of the world’s food is produced from just 12 plants and five different animal species — So, let us focus more on this. Good food for all be the world’s number one priority.

2. De-congest cities around the world incentivize people to move to sub urban and rural places. We now know, we can work from home effectively wherever we are.

3. Let us learn to coexist with other beings in this world. After all this world is for all. Let us give them the required space and freedom.

4. Lockdowns can be a regular feature at certain intervals. It would help the systems to slow down, pause, reflect, refresh and again move with renewed vigor.

5. Substitute Money with an alternate to measure success.

6. Let few development agenda be  Common for all the countries. Removing the World’s inequality and cleaning up the entire world can top that list. Let us have “No Wars” declaration and divert all the world’s defense budgets to end poverty and remove inequality.

7. Let us find or create one God who will give us the strength and courage to make this world hunger free and make all of its inhabitants equal. Where the medical practice will only be a noble service and not a business.


One thought on “After COVID -19

  1. At least if one person from UN listen to these 7points or if these 7s find a place in the next climate summit…..Probably we can see the Everest Cap from Erode….


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