Bharathi @ New Earth

1st Jan 2250

New Earth

Exactly after a year he swallowed one tablet of B-1112 again. It won’t bother him for one more year. Today was the D-Day of his project, and he got involved with his team, doing the final program checks on his Orbicar, a time machine that can travel to the past as well as the future. This time he is sending it into the past, to be little precise 329 years back. The objectives of the mission were very clear and his Orbicar was all set to achieve it.

Satisfied with the final checks, he stood up and without wasting any time further, he gave the run command to his Orbicar …. “Zoom” it disappeared into the space.

Within less than an hour it’s expected to be back with success. Its mission was to go a specific old earth period-11th of September 1921 AD, identify a person and carry him to New Earth.

Exactly after 54:34:23:01 seconds the Orbicar landed with the targeted person. The doors of the Orbicar opened and a person stepped out. He stood confidently with both his legs aligned to his shoulders and his feet four inches apart. His eyes were fierce and there was no fear in him.

Looking at the Scientists, he said, “My name is Bharathiyar and people call me Bharathi and asked further “where am I now? What place is this?”. The Scientist there replied “We know you, this place is safe, and it is called new earth. And you have been bought here to show a product which was developed and put into use, based on the inspiration derived from one of your deepest desires during your life at old earth. Wherein you wished “Even if a single person is deprived of his food, this world has to be destroyed.”

Then, the Tablet B-1112 was shown to Bharathi (A Tablet named after him, B Stands for Bharathi and 11 & 12 for the date and month of his birth). Further, the Scientist proudly said, “One tablet of B1112 is what is required to wipe the signs of hunger completely and provide the required energy to a person for one-year time. We have enough of these tablets here more than what this new earth’s population need. We have fulfilled your wish.”

Bharathi felt very excited and happy. As he thanked them, he paused for a while and said, “Likewise, if you can find a solution to GOD it will be the next best thing. The Problem of God is contrary to that of food. There are too many gods and so many problems associated with it. Can you invent One God which will be accepted by all?”

Scientists started to think on it – The Orbicar will travel again, but to the past or the future that is not known yet.


PS – Bharathi a great revolutionary Tamil poet (December 11, 1882 – September 11, 1921)

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