Live till you die

” Each second, two people die in this world. It means 1,72,800 people who were alive yesterday are not there today. ” after reading this he was startled.

He picked his guitar and started walking to the music class. His passion was music.

He decided to live till he dies.


Painting : Mr.S.Ayyarappan.

Rani Roodabai

It was the last day of the battle, Rana Veer Singh the king of the Vaghela dynasty popularly known as Rana was fighting hard to save his small kingdom in Western Coast of Ancient India. He had already lost most of his army and putting a brave face against Mohammed Begda the Muslim ruler of the nearby kingdom.

Begda finally killed him and took possession of Rana’s kingdom. The news of Rana’s death was conveyed to his beautiful wife Rani Roodabai. She immediately wanted to perform Sati (A practice among the Hindus, those days in which a widow sacrifices herself by sitting atop her deceased husband’s funeral pyre).

 She was forced to give up the idea, considering the largest interest of the people of her kingdom and more than that she wanted to see the completion of the water well which Rana had just started to build to ease the misery of his people in that semi-arid region where their only source of water is from the Rain God.

Rana had a big vision, and he wanted to permanently stop the suffering of his people due to water scarcity. He wanted one water well in the centre of his small kingdom that will have water throughout the year and will serve anyone who needed water at any time.
Water was more than just water for him, it was God. He wanted to build a well, like a temple where people can congregate to exchange wishes, simply talk to each other every day and celebrate. It was designed to be a place with a positive vibration and its walls and pillars was to be embellished and decorated with sculptures.

As the work was in progress, the war erupted and Rana died. Roodabai wanted the water well, constructed for the benefit of the people of the generations to come.
Begda, attracted by the beauty of Roodabai has been proposing to marry her from the day he met after the war and waiting patiently for her to accept. After, a deep thought she agreed to the marriage proposal with one condition that the construction of Rana’s well to be completed first.

Rejoiced Begda put his entire army into action and the water well was constructed in record time with all sincerity and grandeur incorporating all the original design of Solanki architectural style blended with that of some Islamic tradition.

It was completed in all aspects and was close to the inauguration date. Roodabai visited to have a look as she strongly believed through her Rana will be seeing all of it himself.
There she goes, it was a step well, one has to descend the steps to fetch the water. It was five stories deep and each level had enough space for people to make use of and for the travellers to spend their nights.

The well was deep enough to tap the ground water and to collect the rain water from certain parts of the small kingdom and store it. It has enough natural light and ventilation to comfort the large gathering of people at any point time. Even in a hot sunny day, one could feel the temperature inside was at least five-degree cooler than that of outside.

Though, the top was open to the sky the design was such that it avoided the direct sunlight on the water inside thus preventing the evaporation.

She was very happy that the Step well was constructed as per husbands wish and now the people of her kingdom will have water for ever. The Inauguration ceremony for the well was planned, and people of the kingdom were in celebration mood and paying tributes to their deceased king Rana.

Then suddenly that incident happened. Having accomplished the Rana’s wish and unwilling to marry King Begda, Roodabai decided to end her life. She just went around the stepwell for one last time with her prayers, thanked King Begda silently from her heart and jumped into the well to end her life, leaving the source of water for generations to come.

King Begda was touched and moved by the acts of Roodabai. He killed all the Masons who built the stepwell so that none could build a replica of that stepwell.

Water is life and she gave it to many. Then she should be a GOD isn’t? If yes, let us pray to her for the water needs of this world.


உன்னை உயிர்ப்பிக்க எனக்கு ஒரு வரம் வேண்டும்

இல்லையேல் உன் அருகே என் சிலை வேண்டும்

பசுவை இழந்தவன் போல்

ஒரு பசுவுடன் அவன் காட்டுவழி செல்ல
அவ்வழி வந்த ஒருவன் அது பசுவல்ல புலி என்று சொல்ல
வந்தவன் பித்தன் என்று இவன் நினைத்து தன்னுள் சிரித்து முன் செல்ல

வந்தான் இன்னொருவன் அவ்வழி
அவனும் அது புலி என்று சொல்ல
இவன் ஒரு முறை திரும்பிப் பார்த்து அது பசு தானா? என்று ஊர்ஜிதம்  செய்ய

அடுத்தாக வந்த மற்றொருவனும் அது புலி என்று சொல்ல
திரும்பிப் பார்க்க மனமில்லாமல் இவன் சற்று பயம் கொள்ள

கடைசியாக வந்தான் ஒருவன்
அவனும் அது புலிதான் என்று சொல்ல
இவன் தனியே பிடித்தான் ஒரு ஓட்டம் 
யாரும் முடியாதபடி அவனை வெல்ல

அவர்கள் சதி வெல்ல 
கூடி மகிழ்ந்தனர் அந்த நால்வரும் அப்பசுவை அழைத்துச் செல்ல

படித்தேன் இக்கதையை மெல்ல
சிந்தித்தேன் பல நிமிடங்கள் செல்ல
என்னுள் எழுந்த   ஒர் எண்ணம் இங்கு கிழே நான் சொல்ல
படியுங்கள் நீங்களும் மெல்ல

ஊடகங்கள் உண்மையை மறைக்க விலை போகும் சதி
அதனால் ஆனது பசுவை  இழுத்தவனை போல் நம் கதி

Nano Story

Nano Story

They were happily in love for a very long time. A common bachelor friend helped them to get married. Thereafter, the friend continued to live happily.


PS – Does love ends with marriage ?