History Teacher

As the 21 days nationwide lock down deepened, and with much negativity in the social media he thought of people who made a positive impact in his life.

After a gap of almost 35 years, he remembered and called his school History teacher. Though old now, and she could not recognize him, he felt the same warmth and the spirit of positivism in her.

She said, “If you see the history many such a pandemic has hit the world before some impacted more than Corona and some less. Eventually, it will end and no one will know how it began and how it went. Soon It will be a history across all geographies.

Also, history contains enough clues to handle situations like this. For instance, the British government in 1939, in preparation for World War II produced a poster to boost the morale of its people, it said KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. This I feel, also holds good for our war against a pandemic Corona now.”

He thanked her and ended the call only to keep calm and carry on.

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