Judgement Copy

Supreme Supreme court of Justice

Rest of the Creatures Vs Human beings

Case details:

Case no        : 001/2020
Petitioner    : Rest of the Creatures 
Respondent : Human beings


Writ petition is filed under the article 226 of the Constitutions of Lord directing the respondents to behave and live responsibly with minimum impact to the environment and extend the temporary relief obtained as 21 days Corona Lock Down further by three months.


1. Today (27.03.2020) both the parties and their counsel were present before this court.

2. Both the parties jointly filed the memorandum of understanding before this court whereby they have agreed to Co-exist peacefully. Further, the respondents will respect the petitioners in all aspects and give them the required space and freedom to live on this planet as per their nature.

3. In view of above, this Court will give its favorable recommendation to the Lord to withdraw the Corona effect and allow the respondents to go back to their normal life on completion of the ongoing Lock Down period.

4. The Court also accords the required permission to the petitioners to approach this court if respondents fail to comply with this order any time in the future.


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