The Yellow Run

Yellow, said to be the best color to create enthusiasm for life and that can awaken greater confidence and optimism. Yes, it was true when Chennai was in the sea of yellow on 6th January 2019.

Just six days after the start of 2019 and new year resolutions yet to wane, it was not surprising to see 25000 people taking part in Chennai Marathon, the Chennai’s biggest sporting event and India’s largest marathon only after that of Mumbai Marathon.

Just being there and seeing people of various age groups from least 8 to max 70 (I guess from seeing the faces, there could be much younger and older people) and differently able people in wheelchairs and crutches participating, you get greater confidence and optimism about life.

It was not about winning, it is all about the experience of participating and the joy of finishing, where you compete with your own self to test your endurance. In the end, when you cross the finish line it gives you a great sense of achievement and pushes you to expand further. What looked impossible at the beginning slowly turned possible at the end.

I remember seeing a WhatsApp post on Superstar Rajni saying “It is not the age but the energy that matters”, events like this really pop up your energy not only physically but mentally as well.

One thing is quite evident, there is a growing awareness about health and the importance of being fit. Personally, I realized two things out of my participation in this event

  1. To succeed and more importantly to enjoy success one needs to be fit
  2. When anyone tells me I can’t do anything, I am just not listening anymore.

To conclude – “I will run a full-marathon soon and I would be very happy to partner with you on this mission. Welcome, let us run for our own satisfaction and good health!”.

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