Raazi (Hindi) -Film Review


One’s Country’s Interest over their own self and family.

A 20-year-old college going girl accedes to her father’s request and spy for her country risking her life. Did she succeed?


The film is based on a real-life story as documented in the book Calling Sehmat by Lt Commander Harinder Sikka (retd).

A very well-made film which brings out the heroics of people who work behind, quietly without much fuss and often risking their lives for the sake of their country. By design, their accomplishments/ contributions go unnoticed without much of public glare and recognition. And it rarely comes out much after their lifetime or at the end. This film is about one such person – Sehmat.

Alia Bhat as Sehmat has done wonderfully well exhibiting perfectly the emotional conflicts of a young girl handling a risky spy assignment. Particularly in the scenes where she had to kill some people to accomplish her mission and in handling the very close instances of the risk of being exposed to her secret work.

The film is very gripping with a lot of tense moments as the movie unfolds- Sehmat a Kashmiri girl getting married to an army officer in a high ranking Pakistani army family., entering their house in Pakistan, earning their goodwill and start gathering the required critical war intelligence from Lion’s den and passing it back to Indian Intelligence Bureau.

A decent movie which portrays the patriotism at both sides in the highly tensed Indo – Pak pre-war period of 1971.

Certain movies enrich your knowledge and experience, this is one such movie and I strongly recommended watching this movie.

Raazi – Patriotic Desi

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