Thupparivaalan film review

Story :

Heeding to a young boy’s request to find out the mystery behind his pet dog’s death, a not so normal but brilliant detective takes up the job. His investigation leads to uncovering some unusual clever murders. In the end, the detective accomplishes what the police couldn’t.

Review :

Thupparivaalan is a straight inspiration from Sherlock Holmes type stories. Localized and presented well by director Mysskin.

Vishal as detective Kaniyan Poonkundran has done the action part very well especially the fight sequence in the Chinese restaurant and at times spark as an eccentric detective. Prasanna as detective’s assistant and Andrea Jeremiah as villi perfectly fit their roles. Backiyaraj is cast differently in this film as a soft but bad villain and has adapted himself well.

Vinay Rai as the main villain should gear up more to match Vishal’s caliber. Anu Emanuel as pickpocket lady is good. The film starts slow and picks up momentum. Three murders shown (Use of artificial lightning, Laughing gas and Poisonous material Ricin) in the film are quite unusual and adds to the thrill element. The film is for people who like action thrillers.

Thupparivaalan thupparivathil Suran.

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