ARUVI – Tamil Film Review

Story Line:

Today’s Modernistic and commercial world turns a naïve girl to revolt against the society she couldn’t fit into, especially three people who wronged her. She uses a TV reality show and by holding the studio conducting it under siege to vent out her anger. Labeled as a terrorist, how she got into this mess and how it ends is the story.

Review :

It is a rare breed film with a very different story that defies the conventional thinking and trend. The flow of the film is real without much of usual drama. It is a mixed pot with emotions, love, comedy, aspects of a thriller and an art film.
The Cast of the film needs a special mention – Aditi Balan in the lead role as Aruvi is a highly talented artist and a perfect fit for the role. She is the major contributor.
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy as the reality show anchor and Anjali Varadhan as transgender – Emily is outstanding. Rest of the Cast have also done their best.
The film makes you cry and laugh in equal amounts. Visuals and music are very good. This film could have been made a little better though it is very good to watch.
Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman deserves very special appreciation for his bold effort.

Aruvi miga arumai Ji

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