Real life Incident : Scary

12th November 2018 was an unforgettable day for Vikram, a software engineer working in Chennai. He was on his car driving alone to Madurai. At around 2.30 am at about 30 kms past trichy, he suddenly sensed that his car was slowing down. There was hardly any vechicle on the road at that time. He started to panic and pressed the accelerator hard. It was of no use.

As he lifted his head he noticed some thing very strange in front of him. From nowhere a white figure was there at a distance. It was inching closer to him. He tried very hard but couldnt make out what it was. Fear engulfed him and he started to sweat profusely in that cold night. He turned unconcious and fainted in a while. The car came to a sudden halt and stopped in the middle of the road.

Then there was white smoke in the air.

Raman dragged few more puffs from his cigarette and was thinking hard on how to take this story forward and in particular whether his hero Vikram should survive or not ?

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