Dr. Rana Bhusan is very systematic in his approach – He believes in spending quality time with all his patients. As a General Physician his ATP stood more than 50 Mins (ATP – Average time per patient).

His philosophy of Medical Practice – Most of the diseases are self-inflicted and to cure them it is important for the doctor know about his patients: – Past medical history, lifestyle, and predominant thoughts…etc in short glimpses of the overview.

It was raining heavily outside and it had been like that for the past four days. Chitra was his last patient for the day; he still had the energy and sincerity as he dealt the first patient of that day.

Clinic room was spacious. Chitra’s mother sitting beside her, started even before the doctor asked ….”She is not normal, not eating, very moody, dosent talk much, visibly down with loss of energy, no excitement” and it continued nonstop, after a while she concluded “ I have never seen her like this before”.

Dr Bhusan had all the patience in the world to hear her and then kindly requested her to wait outside his room and went about examining Chitra aided by his probing questions.

After half an hour Mother was called inside and she was nervous to hear what the doctor would say.

Dr. Rana Bhusan looked relaxed and he turned towards his patients mother and said “Nothing to worry, She will be OK once the rain subsides, things gets normal and the internet connectivity gets restored.

“Internet Connectivity “……mother was confused

Doctor said she is affected by NCS – No Connectivity Syndrome.

For this generation three things are required for survival – Air, Water and Internet connectivity, now without the third one, she is affected by NCS (No Connectivity Syndrome).   Please see how get the internet connectivity restored in your home fast – everything will be all right.

On hearing this the Mother doubted the Doctor’s credentials only to realize later how accurate he was in his diagnosis. She acknowledged the doctor 3 days later….” You are right ….Connectivity (Internet) brings in life” of course through WhatsApp