Next Moment

Chennai, 31st May

It was still dark in the morning. Ganesan woke up, he saw the time it was 3.58 am. His inbuilt biological clock has beaten the alarm clock again. He deactivated the 4 O’clock alarm in a rush, he dosent want to give it a chance to beep. It was a Man Vs Machine contest and he won, at least he felt like that.

He called his Taxi driver to confirm the pickup time before he got out of his bed. At 5 am Taxi was at his gate to take him to Bangalore, where he is scheduled to meet Mr. Sam Prado a leading Industrialist at 14.00 hrs that afternoon.

He got himself seated in the front seat with his seat belt on. He was well prepared for the meeting and all homework done. It reflected in his being – he was fresh and energetic.

His taxi – Toyota Innova started to cruise on the yet to be busy roads of Chennai towards the high way to Bangalore. He was speaking to himself Innova is the best for the Indian road conditions.

Morning drive was good, with the Vehicle’s windows shut and AC on, there was near silence. Considering 6 hours of travel time to Bangalore, he wanted to break the silence and start conversing with driver.

He started….” What’s your name? “Rajkumar” the driver replied. There was silence again, his thoughts took control over him – Bangalore, Kanada Super start Rajkumar, a gentleman and good actor, Kidnapped by Veerappan and then released… a loud horn from a passing Lorry broke his thoughts.

He slowly turned; the driver was busy with the steering wheel. He switched on the Radio – bakthi songs poured out, it was soothing his ears, and though the driver was too focused he too was enjoying it. This continued for a while before the Vehicle halted at Highway Hotel for breakfast. The Hotel’s name was” Parambariyam”. Using his mobile, Ganesan goggled it to find the meaning – It said Culture, Tradition etc. He was eager to find out what is inside the hotel.

They ordered Combo Breakfast, special for the day as told by the waiter. Water and Coffee was severed in copper utensils and food in the banana leaf – the name was justified he thought.

Driver back on his job and Ganesan with Intermittent naps, little conversations, random thoughts and views through the front and side glasses – the Vehicle reached Bangalore.

13.50 PM, Ganesan was at Mr. Sam Prado’s office conversing with his secretary whose workstation was just at the exit of Prado’s chamber. Sharp at 14.00 hrs, Secretary went inside and came out to inform Ganesan that Mr.Sam Pardo is just completing his Luncheon meeting with the Senior Executives of Four Wheels a leading Automobile company headquartered at US with a manufacturing unit in Chennai and he would meet him after that.

At 14.15 hrs, Ganesan saw Four Wheels executives coming out of Mr.Sam Prado’s chamber. There was a surprise, his college mate Srinivasn was one among them. Both were able to recognize each other, there was exchange of pleasantries and it got extended.

Srinivasn spoke very high of Mr.Sam Prado about his energy, his contributions, his achievements and  now being only 45 years, how he was able to compete with the Global Giants and position his company as number one in the Global Market.

Ganesan was excited; he thought his today’s meeting will change his life forever. Srinivasn took leave and Ganesan was back in his seat waiting to be called in by Mr. Sam Pardo.

Time went by; Ganesan was bit nervous and tensed. He reminded the secretary once in between, she politely replied – Mr. Sam is aware of your presence he will call you.

After a while the secretary stopped her work and checked the schedule there would be another visitor at 16.15 hrs. It was 16.00 hours now and Ganesan waiting, she decided to remind Mr. Sam Prado again and peeped into his room. He was not in his seat.

At 16.40 hrs Ganesan was shocked to hear that Mr. Sam Prodo was found dead at the rest room attached to his office chamber in standing position , eyes open staring at the Mirror and hands holding the Wash basin firm in his full business suit. No one could believe it. Sudden Cardiac arrest – how this can happen to a fit and regular jogger like Mr.Sam Prado

Ganesan never had and will never have the opportunity to meet Mr.Sam Prado. On the way back to Chennai, he was thinking deep. He realized how uncertain life is; and a moment is enough to change everything.

Everything is transitory and strings of control are elsewhere he was saying to himself. His life changed after, though the meeting didn’t happen at all.

Now he takes life as it comes, living every moment, being kind, Showering love and try making this world a better place. Particularly he never postpones what needs to be done for he is only sure of this moment and not his next moment.

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